I looked for reviews of different online driver improvement classes, like MyImprov.com, but I really couldn't tell if the positive reviews were fake or not. Obviously, the negative ones were not fake.

Most of the complaints were about length of time to receive their certificate, I don't know if it's be because people are doing this last minute, or what. A couple of the reviews were complaining about "hidden" costs. (Spoiler: It's about $40, there are no good coupon codes.) All the pricing is up front once you register. Others, wanted a refund, or just bashed costumer service. My scenario? I have no real time frame I need to be done by, I'll assume it will take a little less that two weeks. Needless to say, the sooner, the better.

So, here is my honest review of gototrafficschool.com

Time Keeps on Slipping, Slipping, Slipping

Be aware: This is not a 30 minute course. State law requires the course to be 8 hours, so, it's going to take 8 hours. How do they know? There's a small timer on each chapter that counts down. Each section is different. Really, it takes about the allotted time on the counter to read the entire chapter, so, there's no need to try and rush through it. Take your time, you might actually learn something.

You also don't have to knock it all out in one shot. You can log back in and start where you left off. My first night, I completed the first four chapters which is about 30% of the way there. There's are 18 chapters.

How Hard Is It?

A lot of the info provided seems kinda obvious. There are two multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter. If you took the time to read the material, in which you've got time to do so, they are pretty simple questions. Given the fact that, there's a lot of redundant info, also. So, it kinda gets pounded into your head a bit.

I do find it hard to read at times. Maybe it's because I bored of reading about traffic easy, or I don't think it's written particularly well. It looks to have been pieced together over time. The fonts are sometimes different sizes from paragraph to paragraph. The images aren't of a constant drawing style. The videos are from the early 2000s. Also, from time to time, they try to hard to be cute, or witty. Like, comparing a front-end collision without a seat belt to jumping off a three story building head first. I get it, it's not safe. No need to go to the extreme, Vanilla Ice.

How Much Is It Gonna Cost Me?

As I said before, it's about $40, but you can add on more options to jack up your cost. Shipping your cert is one price hike. Everything else is about a $5 increase. Unlimited tries in case you think you're going to fail a bunch of times. Some plugin to read the text to you. Same day processing, or txt notifications. Basically, if you're doing this last minute, it's going to jump to $100+. Since I'm doing this for the voluntary 5 points, I have no need to spend the extra cash.

Why Even Do This At All?

Either you're ordered by the court, or you want a insurance discount (you have to research that yourself), or like me, you want to add 5 points to your driving record. I was told, by a lawyer, that when you go into traffic court, they only look up how many point you have, not how you got to the amount you have. So, even if you've gotten a couple a points on you record, then took the driver improvement course, in the end it's going to look like you have a good driving record in court. Which is most likely going to be more favorable to your case. I was told to do it last year, and like everyone else, I put it off.

The Final... Countdown

What's the final exam like? Well, it's 50 questions long. As long as read through everything, and not late at night while dozing off as I did, you should do just fine. You need an 80% or higher to pass. No pressure. If I can pass, you can pass.

The one twist is, you need to go to a library or UPS Store to take the final exam. Walking into a UPS Store to take a test seems a little awkward. To the library! You'll notice a input for an access code on the exam page. I just called up the 888 number, they verified I was in a library by me handing the phone to an employee, then I got my access code.

I took my exam on a Saturday afternoon, with the library closing in 10 minutes. I kinda skimmed through the questions and rushed my answers. I felt like Indiana Jones reaching back for his hat. I passed, with a couple of incorrect answers to spare. If I would had double the time, about 20 minutes, I most likely would had score much, much higher. I suggest you just not blow through it as I did.

If by chance you do not pass, no worry. You can retake the test in 24 hours. I don't know if there's an additional charge for that but the text I read before starting the exam, didn't mention any.

Congrats!! Now What?!

I'm not sure what's next. I have a message saying that I've completed the traffic school Course, and that my certificate is currently being processed and will be sent shortly. The website says I can buy a $15 electric copy, which might be good for those who need it now. At the time of this writing, the website says it will mail it to the court for me no cost. It really meant to the DMV. It's up to me to present the certificate to the courts. After asking how long it will take to update my safety points with the DMV, I was told that it takes 24-48 hours to notify the DMV, after that it's all on the DMV to update their system. I'm going to check everyday to see when everything is reflected.

[UPDATE] After submitting my final exam on Saturday at 5PM, I checked my points balance on Sunday, and Monday morning. On Monday afternoon after 5PM, I checked again and my points balance had been updated. This was way faster than I expected. After reading a few pages of bad reviews, I was nervous that I would have a similar issue others have had, or claim to have. I don't know. Everything works as told and expected. It's not the prettiest website, but it worked.

[UPDATE 2] One week later, and I've now received my "Certificate of Completion". It's just a printed page saying that I've completed the course. There's also some fine print saying it's a court document. I guess you could show this to someone at the courthouse. I think I'm just going to matte and frame this, to replace my college degree. But, for real, this feels like something I should had been able to print myself, if I needed.

Wrap It Up, B!

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